Shipment Information

Please follow instructions explicitly.
Please keep in mind that any textiles imported into Mexico must have both the Proforma logo and the Event Logo (MDC). Footwear is not permitted whatsoever.

Table of Contents

Global Caribbean’s Shipping Instructions

1. Provide Global Caribbean with your billing information including company name, address, telephone, fax, and contact person.

2. Provide Global Caribbean with the name of the person that will physically be attending the event as well as the name of your group coordinator at the hotel.

3. Ship all boxes to Global Caribbean’s offices in Hollywood, Florida two weeks prior to the date of the event. If this requirement presents a problem, please contact Global Caribbean to discuss final shipping deadlines. See packing instructions for more information.

BOXES: 1 of ____

*NOTE:  Wood crates must be heat treated and bearing the IPPC marking.

4. Please email or fax Global Caribbean the following documents:

  • Photocopy of the picture page of the passport or driver’s license of any person attending the event.
  • Fill out the inbound shipping form or provide Global Caribbean with the required information.
  • Page 2 of the signed agreement.

5. It is your responsibility to insure your merchandise.

6. To quote the following services please email or fax a detailed list of what you are shipping with its commercial value.

  • Air Freight Miami – Cancun (General products, refrigerated and frozen goods)
  • Ocean Freight Miami – Cancun
  • Mexican Customs charges:
    • Temporary Imports
    • Giveaways with logo
    • Giveaways with no logo (These articles must be imported into the country and applicable taxes must be paid).

Important:  Giveaways with no logo made in China must be quoted as some items pay high taxes in Mexico.

7. Before the merchandise is delivered to its final destination, Global Caribbean will need to receive payment for the total amount.  Global Caribbean will email or fax you an invoice upon shipping.  Please plan to either overnight a check, wire the funds or pay with a credit card.

8. Return Shipments:  Please fill out the Outbound/Return Shipping form to provide information that is needed to ship items back from Mexico after your event.

  • Mexican Customs will verify the contents of these boxes against your list.
  • Any discrepancies will delay the export process.
  • An accurate declaration is also very important for U.S. Customs.
  • Boxes must be numbered and marked with the return address of the final destination.
  • Give a copy of these instructions to the hotel coordinator and email or fax a copy to Global Caribbean.
  • Global Caribbean cannot export alcoholic beverages, tobacco, food items or breakable handicrafts purchased in Mexico.

Once Global Caribbean exports the shipment, they will email or fax you an invoice with the return freight and U.S. customs charges. For items that were not a temporary import, category I, there is a Mexican customs export charge. Once your shipment has cleared US Customs, Global Caribbean will contact you for shipping instructions to your final destination.

9. Upon agreement, please sign and return the Global Caribbean Shipping Agreement to Global Caribbean via email or fax.

How to Pack Your Boxes

  1. Due to extensive handling in international shipments, you must use sturdy, top quality boxes for packing. After your boxes are packed please number and label them with the name of the convention and hotel. Do not put any other information or documents inside or outside of the boxes all boxes will be opened to verify content.
  2. Your boxes will be opened in Mexican Customs. In order to facilitate the import of your merchandise into Mexico it is important that you follow these instructions: There are three categories for convention imports. Each category must be packed in its own boxes.
    •  Category I: Temporary ImportsIncludes all equipment, electronics, displays, etc. that will enter into Mexico and be exported out of Mexico after the event by Global Caribbean. Mexican law requires that all temporary imports be exported in its entirety in the same way that it was imported.
    • Category II: Giveaways with logo: To be considered a giveaway, it must have a logo pertaining to the event and a value under US $50.00. Printed material is considered a giveaway.
    • Category III: Merchandise with no logo or with a value over US $ 50.00: These items must be imported into Mexico and could be subject to taxes. Global Caribbean can handle this process with the exception of wood pencils, plants, flowers, medicines, first aid kits, ceramic mugs, ceramic plates, ceramic coasters, balloons, inflatables, medicinal product, bug spray, and all personal items. Personal items such as clothing, shoes, etc cannot be imported nor exported out of Mexico; they must accompany the passenger. We must be pre-advised, of all food items as they could require special permits.
  3. Email or fax Global Caribbean the Inbound Shipping Instruction FormAll items must be declared.